Saturday, May 16, 2009

Very First Post

So here is the first post....
I'm sitting at home feel like a bag of poo and watching a Paranormal State marathon. The season finale is on A&E on Monday. Sad to see it go for the season but really excited, looks like a good one.
I've been busy working on a baby blanket for a baby niece or nephew who is due in September. I'm getting excited, I already love my niece to bits so I hope that I'll love this child just as much (I know I will). This blanket is going to be premo-warm. Thick Walmart wool.
I'm planning a wedding right now, trying to figure this out as I've never planned a wedding before (obviously). I'm getting married the summer of 2010. Yay!
I bought a kit to spin some roving with a viking spindle, I've been staring at it for months and just haven't gotten around to it. I'm trying to keep my knitting to one project at a time. Which has been hard after seeing the T-shirt Yarn forum on Ravelry. Darn!
I sell Stampin' Up! and haven't really had a whole lot going on with it at the moment but I really enjoy using it and sharing it with other people.
This is me in short.

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