Friday, June 26, 2009

the newly named 'The Blankie Project'

So now I've figured this fish blankie project out....
If you are wishing to donate towards this project you can either donate some yarn for some fishes or knit/crochet a fish.
Here's the knit recipe on ravelry:

Please just let me know.

Fish Blanket?

So after I finish the amazingly huge baby blanket I want to make another blanket.
This time I'm going to attempt the tesselating fish blanket that is very popular online. I'm using the recipe for fish off of Ravelry and then going to crochet them all together.
This is normally a stash buster for others but considering how long I've been knitting I don't have a stash to bust. So here comes the plea...
If you have left over yarn that you are wanting to give away, I am willing to take it. I'm going to knit as many fish as I get yarn for. So this might end up with more than one blanket if everyone is generous or it might be a pretty tiny baby blanket. We'll see.
I will be donating them to children's charities looking for blankets.
Anyone wanting to recommended a charity please just comment and let me know.
Here's some examples of the blanket.... If you want more just google "fish blanket" and you'll find tons.